7 Great Reasons to Hire a Doula!

You're Planning a Natural Birth.

If you are planning a natural birth statistics prove that you are more likely to achieve this with the constant support that a doula provides. A doula is able to provide alternative comfort measures, assist you in to better positions, offer massage and counter pressure to help keep you more comfortable. Just having a knowledgeable support person by your side is often enough to help reduce your stress and enable you to manage and focus better in your labour.  

Are you welcoming your first baby?

Fear of the unknown in labour is something that many women – first time mums in particular find a bit unnerving. Not really knowing what to expect next, what does that machine do? How much longer will this last for? How long until my baby is here? You will likely have a stack of questions and thoughts going through your head and your doula is there to answer these for you and to provide reassurance when needed. Your doula is also an extra set of hands to provide that massage, hold your hand or refill your drink.

Are you going it alone?

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned (or it does!) and you might find yourself on your own when your baby decides to join you, through your own choice or circumstance, this is a great time at looking in to getting a doula. I have been blessed to support several mothers birthing on their own and together with mums midwife we have made a great team. Labour and birth is such a special moment in your life and feeling like you are well supported is so very important.

Planning a Caesarean Section?

Perhaps you plan on having an elective caesarean section – a doula is also a valuable tool as you work through the planning of how you’d like your caesarean to go, giving you the options you might like to include in your babies birth and to provide immediate support after your baby is born, helping you feed and look after baby.

Your previous birth wasn’t so positive.

Did your first or previous birth not go as you had expected? Were you left feeling empty, confused or unsatisfied with your birthing experience? Or maybe you feel your requests were unheard. All of these issues can leave mothers feeling disappointed in their previous birth and these worries can carry over on to the next pregnancy. Perhaps your last birth ended up in an unexpected caesarean section and you are planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) this time around. Statistics have proven that you are far more likely to achieve this with the continuous support from a doula. Your doula will provide you with the opportunity to debrief your previous birth and help you work towards a more positive birthing experience with confidence and knowledge an empowering birth can be achieved.

Unsure how your partner will be able to support you?

Birth can be a scary and emotional experience for our loved ones, especially if they haven’t witnessed a labouring woman before. They may be the most wonderfully supportive, loving and understanding person in the world, but once they are faced with someone they love dearly in discomfort it can be overwhelming for them. The best laid plans can go out the window as they struggle to know how to help you. Your doula can support both yourself and your partner so that they feel more confident in assisting you and hopefully even enjoying the birthing process.

Your doula is just for you!

Your doula is there just for you, you and your baby are her only concern, she is there to provide emotional and physical support along with ensuring you are fully informed at all times during the birth process. Your midwives and doctors are there to look after you medically, while your doula “mothers the mother”.