A Warrior Is Born – Birth Story

Hi there my name is Alexis and I am a 27 year old Mum of 1.

Alexis, David & Aubrey

Alexis, David & Aubrey

My daughter Aubrey came into the world at 10:15pm on the 4th July, 2014. It was 48 hours from my water breaking to holding my angel in my arms.

I had another Doula throughout my pregnancy. Unfortunately, my Doula fell ill just before I went into labour. She advised that I will have to call her backup Doula, who was Trish.

Of course I was apprehensive! I had built a relationship with my former Doula over 9 months and the first time I would be meeting Trish I would be in LABOUR!

However, when I spoke with Trish for the first time I had no doubt in my mind that she would be on my time, be present and get me through this!

I felt an instant connection, like I knew her for years! I felt like we were already friends. During my most anxious and fearful moments she brought me out of it. She reassured me and kept me calm. I felt safe.

She is a MIND READER! I didn’t even know I was thirsty until she gave me water and demanded (in the most helpful and pleasant way) I drink. I didn’t even know I was started to freak out, until she looked in my eyes and told me I was doing well and this is NORMAL!

I had a hard labour and it tested my inner strength, my willpower and my absolute self-control. I wanted a natural labour free from induction, epidural, forceps, vacuum and caesarean surgery.

But as with most labour stories, it never goes to plan. In my case, it didn’t. Although, I am ok with that! My daughter was posterior and my water broke first! Completely out of my control! It was so difficult to come to terms with the fact that I am unable to control this, considering I am a control freak by nature.

I had to be induced and I was so anxious I was lying on the bed shaking, crying, hyperventilating and allowing my mind to run a million miles an hour. I called Trish and told her what was happening. She said that this is common and although I didn’t want to be induced, it was necessary as there was no protection for my baby and she would be susceptible to bacteria. I was assured that it was in the best interests of my baby.

Trisha then came in and helped through the gruelling hours that followed, she never left my side. She was there for my husband as well, mentally and emotionally. He was able to have a break and I was completely comfortable with that. I knew Trisha had my back (LITERALLY)!

After 36 painful and stressful hours, I was told I was only 3-4cms dilated. I was disheartened and deflated. I was encouraged to have the epidural and I welcomed the offer with open arms. Then my mind kicked in. I didn’t want an epidural. I wanted to go completely natural!! I started to become anxious again. Trish came to the rescue. She assured me that it will be ok, I will probably get some sleep and I can focus then on my beautiful birth instead of this excruciating pain. I believed her whole heartedly and allowed myself to relax.

I firmly believe that because I had the epidural, my body was able to relax and focus on what it needed to do. It was only a few short hours and I was ready to PUSH!! The adrenaline kicked into high gear and I found myself vomiting every time I pushed. I hated every minute of it. So we stopped for a second. Trish gave me water, moved my hair out of my face and tied it up again so I felt nice and fresh. She then wiped my face with a wash cloth, looked into my eyes and told me I could do it! I was going to see my daughter for the first time ANY minute now. I was going to hold her and love her. After all of those hours, I was finally here!

Somehow, Trish managed to take photos and the VIDEO for me! I don’t know how but she mastered it. Then I pushed and THERE SHE WAS! The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life was on my chest. Her eyes were still closed and the first thing she saw in this world when she opened her eyes was me. We looked at each other and I was so completely lost in her.

I couldn’t believe I had done it. I couldn’t believe I had all that power in me. Emotions were running high and I felt like I would never sleep. After all of that jazz, I was more alive and awake than I have ever felt in my life! I could not have done it without Trish. I would have given up. I would have stressed. My baby girl would have stressed and I would have been in a gown and in theatre before I knew it!

Trish is beyond amazing. She is a friend, councillor, confidant, mentor, guardian and lastly a doula. The BEST Doula you will ever have. I cannot recommend her enough. If you need ANYONE by your side, it will be Trish! I still speak to Trish every now and then. She has continually offered her support and has never turned me away.

Theoretically I would have been traumatised by my birth experience. It was completely out of my plan but because of Trish, I felt in control. I would do it all over again. I felt empowered and liberated. Because of this, my life has changed forever. My once questionable inner strength was put to the test and now I know, if I can get through that, I can get through ANYTHING!

Thank you for absolutely everything Lovely Lady! I couldn’t have done it without you.

This woman is a warrior because she was taught how to be one, by you. xoxoxoxo


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