Solo Support – Birthing with my Doula


The Birth Story of Ryan Thomas Mates
Ryan and his mummy Samantha

Ryan and his mummy Samantha

Being pregnant with my third and final child, I wanted to have the birth I wanted to have, not that my previous two births were bad or clouded with ill feelings; I just wanted to do a few things differently.

My husband although very supportive and attentive during labour and delivery, was not the one to enjoy the birthing room, so I brought up the idea of a Doula, which I thought he would laugh at, but to my surprise he was very keen. So I made contact with Trish to see what having a Doula was all about and from the first time I met her I knew she was the Doula for me.

My other children were born at 37 and 39 weeks respectively, and quietly with everything crossed I hoped that Ryan would arrive just a bit “early” ………. let’s face it being 10 times bigger everywhere than you were 9 months ago, no sleep, peeing every 5 minutes and well the heartburn, constipation and the fact you haven’t seen your feet in about 6 months you’d be wishing to “get this baby out!’ too.

My husband had to go away for work and as I approached 37 weeks I told him he couldn’t go because I was going to have the baby this week!…. that week came and went and no baby….. 38 weeks also came and went and zip … nadda … nothing … no baby … not even a Braxton hick!


39 weeks rolled around and at my antenatal check-up Ryan was very comfy lying in a nice transverse position, with no intention of moving….. so my Husband and I decided that he was obviously never going to come and he should get this work trip out of the way.

39 weeks 5 days (9th August) at 3:00 am in the morning, I waved him goodbye for his long drive to country Victoria and as Murphy’s Law would have it nearly exactly 24 hours later at 39 weeks 6 days (10th August) at 3:11am I had my first contraction.

I was in denial for about 5 seconds and then went into panic mode… ‘OMG I have 2 sleeping children, and I’m having contractions …OMG!’ I called my brother to come over and mind the kids, then called Trish …. and then my Husband, who said to me “Oh don’t worry it’s probably nothing just those pretend ones…’

Knowing that I was at home on my own Trish came straight over. By the time she got here the contractions were pretty regular and the hospital had said to come in when I was ready. We decided 6am was a good time to leave, kids were still asleep, not much traffic and it was starting to get painful.

We walked into the hospital (well I waddled and stopped a few times to have contractions) and made it to the Birth Unit, where an initial check revealed I was 6-7cm, woo hoo nearly there!

Called the husband, who was just casually having his breakfast, thinking I was just going to tell him oh yeah it was nothing, the very long silence after telling him I was 6-7 cm was a good indication that now it had sunk in, the baby was coming today!

Off to the soothing hot shower I went with my mate gas and air of course! Trish was such a good support encouraging and talking me through each contraction, offering me sips of water and of course keeping the husband informed of what was happening.

I lost my focus close to the end, I missed my husband, I wanted him to be there and Ryan was making things very painful, but Trish was there to hold my hand, to rub my back, to keep me going, (how she played the role of husband and Doula so perfectly that day I will never know). Trish knew that I wanted to be active and in the best and most comfortable position of birth and she ever so gently reminded me of this all the way through.

Finally after a few pushes (and lots of screaming!) Ryan was born at 10.11am. It was the best birth and exactly how I wanted it to go, I got to have delayed cord clamping, I got to cut the cord and have skin to skin for as long as I wanted.

Having a Doula was the best decision I made and Trish was the perfect Doula.


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