Welcome to Norwest Doula Services. Who am I?

getimage.aspx copyd9b11d7d4ffcf5a71725b8bf9351c95bMy name is Trisha – or Trish to those that love me.

I have been blessed to find my calling in supporting women through their
pregnancy and births since 2007 and am absolutely honoured to witness the precious moment as a mother welcomes her baby to her arms and a family is born.
Seeing a mother do something she may have doubted, or was told she couldn’t do,
seeing the transformation occur, the I can’t become the I CAN, the realisation that SHE did it!

This is something I will never tire of.

I am passionate about supporting women, helping them become fully informed so that they have the tools to make educated decisions that are best for her and her baby. I want you to know that you have options, you have choices available to you, this is Your Birth.
I want you to own your own birth and know that together we will make a powerful team!