Doula Support For Caesarean Births


Doulas Support Caesarean Births Too


With the rate of caesarean sections in Australia at approximately 32% according to The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) Mothers and Babies report 2012 it's fair to expect that as a doula we will attend caesarean births.

Henry 27-06-2009

Baby Henry

Not all of these births though are emergency caesarean births (a caesarean that is performed after the start of labour is known as an emergency caesarean - regardless off any urgency or not). Some women will elect to schedule a caesarean section for their own personal reasons. Doulas support all kinds of births, natural, epidural, inductions, emergency & planned caesarean births and each kind of birth can benefit from a doulas support.

It is possible for your doula to be by your side during the procedure, this is something you will need to discuss with your care provider prior to your birth and is usually up to the Obstetrician and the Anaesthetist who is overseeing your surgery.

If your doula is permitted in to theatre with you she is able to comfort you, help keep you and your partner calm, explain what is happening, take photos of your baby's birth and importantly if your baby does need to go to the nursery in the event of baby being unwell, your partner will often accompany baby leaving you alone in theatre. Your doula will stay by your side and be around to support you in the immediate post-partum period. She can assist you with feeding your baby and help to make that very special bonding time a little easier on you.

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Birth is beautiful, hard, rewarding and often unpredictable, but with knowledge and the right support at your side you can help ensure it is a positive and empowering experience.