12 Tips For A Positive Caesarean Birth

Other than having a doula support you through your caesarean birth here are some other tips to help make your birth a more positive experience.

All of this is best discussed with your caregivers prior to you going in to labour.

  • Schedule CaesareanTipsyour caesarean as close to your due date as possible or even in early labour – let your baby choose his/her own birthday.
  • Leave your arms/hands free so that you can hold your baby in theatre.
  • Skin to skin in theatre, it is possible for your baby (if well) to remain on your chest while the rest of the operation is completed.
  • Breastfeeding in theatre.
  • Take lots of photos in theatre.
  • Partner to cut cord.
  • Play your own music in theatre – make up a CD earlier and bring it along.
  • Request to find out baby’s gender yourself, let theatre staff know not to announce it.
  • Having the screen lowered when your baby is being born so you can see baby’s birth.
  • Request for staff to be quiet and respectful, with conversation to a minimum when your baby is born.
  • Be sure to write up a birth plan for caesarean birth. Do this regardless of whether you are planning a section or not. This way in the event of an emergency your wishes are known and down in writing.
  • Hire a Doula! (I know I said “other than having a doula” but I had to include it here again.

For more information on how a doula can support your caesarean please read Doula Support For Caesarean Births