Doula’s – A Personal Trainer For Your Birth



You wouldn’t run a marathon without some preparation, maybe you’ll see a personal trainer or coach to get some hints and prepare for the run.

I mean you could attempt the run on your own but you may not get too far without preparation.


  • A personal trainer helps you to identify your goals – lose weight, gain strength, improve fitness amongst other things.
  • They tailor a plan just to suit you, to give you direction.
  • They support you, observe, give you feedback and encouragement to help you achieve those goals.
  • A good personal trainer has great personal skills, they motivate, discuss and listen to you, listen to what you’re saying even when you don’t have the words to speak.
  • Your personal trainer will educate you and advise you. They will educate on ways to achieve your goals, they will advise you of new techniques or nutrition tips.
  • They will make sure you’re as prepared as you possibly can be before you run that marathon.
  • They may even be there to cheer you on as you cross that finishing line.




  • Your doula will discuss with you about how you see your birth looking like.
  • She will let you know how you can go about achieving that, give you advice on all the options available to you.
  • Your doula will encourage you to write up your birth preferences.This helps you have some direction in how you’d like your birth to play out.
  • Your doula is there by your side during your labour, encouraging you, supporting you.
  • Your doula will support you in navigating your birth, if issues arise she is there to make sure you’re well informed at all times.
  • Your doula will suggest position changes, maybe going for a shower, to the toilet, keep you moving.
  • And when the going gets tough she is right by your side as you push through the physical and emotional burn.